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"We create and design websites for companies, individuals and organizations providing a comprehensive service, where you can forget your web presence, we do everything for you."

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Our qualified group of designers creates, develops and launches your website based on your request. After receiving his directives, we began to work to take his company or...
Our servers are guaranteed 99.9% access. You can be sure that your site will always be online. Each domain has associated emails, name@domain.com ...
Our team does all the work for you, we are committed to keep your website up to date with your requirements. Need to update your site ?? We eat it and we make it for you ...
Why choose us?
Many companies can make your website, but only us besides creating it without cost, we offer the maintenance and we update your site so that it is always up to date.
Design of customized websites, unique.

Responsive, self managed CMS system.

Updates by our staff 4/5 times a month.

Premium technical support.

High on search engines: google / bing, etc.

Image gallery.

Contact Form.

Links to Social Networks.

Facebook & Twitter, etc.

Control of visitors in real time.

Map of your business location with Google Maps.

Sites adapted to mobile phones, tablets, desk.
Uptime 99.9%.

High performance servers for faster load times.

Unlimited bandwidth.

Domain www registered to your name, options: .com / .net / .org /.info / .etc ...

E-Mails with the format: xxxx@yourcompany.com

5 Mail Accounts.

Antivirus and AntiSpam.

It allows downloading emails to your computer with Outlook, Windows Mail,
Outlook Express, Opera, using POP3 / IMAP ... etc.

We use advanced technology for the management and download of your emails.
Our team of designers perform all the maintenance tasks and updates to your website in exclusivity, therefore you delegate this responsibility to our design department. In this way we guarantee that only qualified personnel modifies your website.
You save the hiring designers to carry out this task.

Our service is "integral", we look for that you dedicate your time to other tasks while we take care of all your web presence, from the creation of emails "name@yourcompany.com" to position your site in google.

The spirit of Studiofrog is to do everything for you in the most dynamic and comfortable way possible.

When you decide to update your website, reset a password for your emails, protect your data ... it communicates to us by email and our team does it for you.

All official communications are made by e-mail, in this way the participants of the conversation have a faithful copy of what is expressed, Studiofrog assumes as final word the emails.
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